Friday, April 22, 2011

Our first big purchase!

The other weekend we headed to Home Depot to check out the dishwashers. B and I have been going back and forth about the necessity of having a dishwasher. We currently use our own two hands to wash our dishes and so far we haven't come across any big challenges with the exception that it takes us a while to clean (especially when we are cooking). Given the fact that we tend to get home later, we are realizing that the amount of time that we use to wash dishes could be time that we will want to spend more time with Blue. SO... it finalized our decision. We went to Home Depot and asked a lot of questions. No... we didn't buy a dishwasher right away. Instead we went home and researched a few of the dishwashers that we liked.

After researching, we went back and made our very first humongous purchase towards getting ready for Blue!

So... early Friday morning the deliverers dropped off the dishwasher and we have the perfect spot for it. BUT... our plumber needs to create a dishwasher connection since we are putting this in for the first time and B has to create a counter since we are putting it in a non-counter space.

The work will continue and B is already drawing up his plans. The dishwasher is currently sitting in the spot it will stay in so we can get used to it being there!

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  1. I like your reasoning! We too live without a dishwasher and have no problem, but it's true that a dishwasher can save time, and time is what you're going to have very little of in about 4 months...Jen =)