Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Momentous Occasions

The past three months have been filled with momentous occasions that have brought excitement, joy and even relief.

January 18 (5 weeks, 1 day): It was confirmed officially that we were having a baby!

At 6 weeks, even though we were still really early on with our pregnancy, we took a childbirth options class at the birth center in Tucson. We were able to ask questions about the birth center and take a tour of the different birth center rooms. The birth center is the only place in Tucson that offers water births... so we have been thinking about that option. Lots to consider!

February 4 (7 weeks, 4 days): We had our first ultrasound appointment. Since it was pretty early on, we were able to actually see the heartbeat but not yet hear it. It was amazing to see this tiny little wonder on a humongous screen. The technician had to zoom in quite a bit and thank goodness I had a very full bladder. It didn't take her long to be able to find our bongo playing little one. It was amazing to see the heartbeat and it was also a relief that it was confirmed that we have a little one beginning the early stages of womb life.

February 24 (10 weeks, 3 days): We had our first official appointment at the birth center. Our certified nurse-midwife (another post will be dedicated to filling you in on the birth center and the certified nurse-midwives) was so persistent in finding the heartbeat. She had her small doppler heart beat listener thing and it took her a while to find Blue. At first we were making small jokes and then after a while B and I started to get a little nervous even though our CNM was trying to put us at ease saying that sometimes the baby is hiding. Then... finally... we heard this crazy underwater sound and sure enough... Blue's heartbeat was loud and clear! Joy and relief at the same time took over us! Not to mention that since we had seen and heard the heartbeat, we knew that our chances of having a miscarriage had been reduced greatly!

March 24 (14 weeks, 3 days): We were able to hear the heartbeat and met another CNM at the birth center. So many wonderful memories already!

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  1. hey folks! yay! great blogness! so fun to keep up. only one thing missing....BELLY PICTURES! serious. :) Much love see you SOON. (deep breaths). :)