Sunday, April 3, 2011

How are you feeling?

As we've been telling friends and family about our glorious news, one of the most common questions asked (mostly by the women) has been: How are you feeling?

Well... I'll do my best to recall what the past 15 weeks have been like for me...

5th week: I had no idea I was in the early stages of pregnancy so I can't really report on any symptoms. Although, the rapid heart rate was a symptom even though I didn't put it together.

6th week: As soon as I told our acupuncturist that I had no morning sickness... the next day it hit me all day. Although I didn't know exactly what was happening until it dawned on me that this must be "morning" sickness. After that, it became apparent to me that my "morning" sickness actually hit me in the late afternoon into the evening time. That month I spent a lot of evenings just laying down on the couch. I think this is when we started to eat out a lot because nothing at home appealed to me (the smells in the kitchen were way too strong). Started to notice an odd sharp pain in my butt area. I learned that it is the sciatic nerve pain which is caused by my growing uterus.

10th week: The morning sickness is still sticking around and of course nothing at home is appealing to eat. SO... more eating out and more laying on the couch. Still getting acupuncture to help my sciatic nerve pain and thank goodness for the best acupuncturist in the world!

13th week: The morning sickness is still around but it is slowly starting to subside. Still eating out a ton! I'm starting to feel tired in the afternoons and taking naps is such a glorious thing. I've never been a believer in naps but now... they are wonderful!

15th week: I actually made dinner which means I am starting to feel less nauseous!!!!!

Weight: As of today, I've gained about 3 pounds since week 5 (I don't really know what my weight was before that). Which I am still amazed at since we've been eating out a ton and I feel like I have quite a belly (pictures to come soon).

Cravings: In the beginning all I craved was anything salty and crunchy. I'll admit, fast food was becoming my best friend, although now the idea of fast food is just icky. Fruit is one of my favorite snacks and vegetables just don't do it for me. I'll fully admit that Blue and I have not been getting our daily vegetables in. Lemonade (fresh) has been my "go to" drink and every weekend we make a big batch of it to have readily available.

Update on B: He has been loving the eating out part. He has been the most supportive husband in the world and putting up with my finicky eating. The gaining of sympathy weight is very debatable. B has been very dedicated to keeping in shape... so... the question is... has he gained a couple of pounds due to sympathy weight or from being active and "bulking" up. I must say... he has been looking very good lately!

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  1. Nice Blog! It's been great reading the posts, keep it up. Glad to hear you've been feeling good for the most part :D A friend of ours who's also expecting this fall said she had morning sickness all day for about 6 weeks straight. No Bueno:(

    Stay happy & Healthy.