Friday, July 13, 2012


April was a busy month full of appointments, work and of course FUN! 

 Happy Easter!!! Athea's first bunny ears!

8 Months old!!!!
14 lbs, 5 oz 
2 ft, 1 in
(taken April 19)

Athea is starting to get herself into the sitting position from her tummy!

We took Athea to a public pool next to the zoo. Athea wasn't sure what to think of the water. We thought she would love it right away since she loves bath time... but she was very reserved!

Here are some fun pictures throughout the month. Some reading in the laundry basket, bath time in the rubber ducky, stroller ride, hanging out at the farmer's market and of course... Lorenzo hanging out in Athea's room!

Grandma Lil and Grandpa Tom stopped in for a short weekend visit! Athea last saw them when she was first born so this was so nice for her to be able to see them again!

We spent a couple of hours at the Reid Park Zoo! 

Check out the picture of Athea totally passed out after spending an entire day with the grandparents!

One last morning to hang out with the grandparents... plus we had to skype with Aunt Jen! Thank you for coming to visit Grandpa Tom and Grandma Lil! We had a ton of fun hanging out with the two of you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Spring!

The month of March was full of sunshine and of course... spring break! Woohoo!

We've been introducing "solids" for about a month now... Athea hasn't really taken to the pureed food. Yes... that is Ben's crazy beard... as you see more pics you'll see the progress!

Check out the beautiful painting that Ben made for Athea's room. 

Since Athea is at the daycare at Ben's school we are able to see her at lunch time (top left pic Athea is enjoying "lunch" with us) and we are super lucky to be able to see her around campus. These pics are when we actually had our phone available to take the pics!

Athea LOVES to play peek-a-boo!

During spring break it actually got pretty hot!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Developing a love for reading.

Ride the Motorcycle!

 Our good friends from Wisconsin were actually in Scottsdale for their spring break and we were oh so lucky that they drove down to Tucson to spend the afternoon with us!