Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What An Amazing Blessing We've Been Given

Everyday we are reminded of how blessed we truly are. Whenever I get a glimpse of my small baby bump, a smile seems to take over and I am reminded of this wonderful gift growing inside of me. We are truly thankful for this amazing gift and are cherishing the moment.

So... my younger sister asked me the other day... how did you find out that you were "with child?" OK... she didn't word it that way but she did ask... so  here is our "story" of how we found out.

In January, we started off the spring semester knowing that soon we would be traveling to Hawaii for a good friend's wedding. We enjoyed spending time with my parents as well as with old and new friends at the wedding. My dad took us out kayaking and hiking... so much fun... the hike was pretty steep in some areas and during the hike I was a little embarrassed with how short of breath I was. Of course... I said nothing... I didn't want to look like I was that out of shape!

When we returned to Tucson, I remember telling B that I was late but that maybe it was the traveling that  was stalling it. B suggested I wait a week before taking a pregnancy test. "A WEEK?" was my response... that was way too long to wait. SO... Sunday morning while the sun was rising I took the first test... I remember waking up to see the beautiful Tucson sunrise with orange and yellow rays shining into our room. When the test showed positive, I merely sat next to B while he was sleeping and waited for him to open his eyes. The first thing he saw was the positive test. Of course, I had to take two other tests to confirm that I was indeed "with child." The next day was a holiday so we had to wait until Tuesday before we could get the official doctor's confirmation that we were starting a family.

The last couple of months have been interesting... keeping a wonderful secret to ourselves while knowing that our lives are already changing. The past few weeks have been fun being able to actually share with our loved ones the exciting news.

As soon as we found out that we were in the family way, it all made sense to me why I was so out of breath on the hike... my body was now needing to take in more oxygen for not only me but the little one! Aha!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Very First BLOG!!!!

Well, here it is... our very first blog post! I know... I don't even have a Facebook account and yet here I am with a blog! B and I thought this would be a great time to document our adventure seeing as we will be welcoming our first child into the world. That's right! You heard it here first... we are officially starting our family with a little human being. Lorenzo and Moon Doggie have already been a part of our family and as soon as they figure out the change happening we are sure they will be thrilled to have a little human brother or sister.

As we get ready for this new phase in our married life, we are looking forward to sharing with everyone the changes happening... we will be working on the house, turning the boffice (guest bedroom/office) into a little person's room, trying to turn our sun room into a more substantial living place (the new office), living our daily lives and enjoying each memory that is brought to us.

For your enjoyment... our very first picture taken at 7 weeks. When we actually saw the heartbeat it was amazing to see how fast the heartbeat was going! I even commented that it looked like the baby was playing the bongos (even though it was really the heartbeat going so quickly). Prior to that ultrasound, we had actually started calling our little one "blue" due to the fact that at one point he/she was the size of a blueberry. I know... it's not exactly a typical nickname for a baby but it seems to have stuck with us. So... if you were wondering... "blue, "bongo blue"and "bongo" have become our go to nicknames for the wee one.

There will be more to come as we update you on the happenings. Thank you ahead of time for your love and support as we begin this crazy new adventure!

One last thing... "Blue" should be entering the world on September 19... or sometime near that date.