Monday, April 11, 2011

Blue goes to Prom!!!!

This past Saturday, B and I took Blue to his/her very first prom. Blue danced a bit on the dance floor, had some yummy lemonade and fancy treats! All before even being born!

That's right... we chaperoned prom! It was interesting that's for sure. The great thing is that we went with the inclusion students. The two inclusion specialists at B's high school volunteered to take their students to prom. These students range in disabilities. Some were easy to take while others were more challenging. Both B and I work with some of these students so it made it much more fun for us to see them dancing and interacting positively with the regular education students.

So... we've included a picture of us (we all met at the high school to take pictures, eat and then transport everyone). You might notice that we are both wearing teeny tiny ties (well, you can't really see mine). Of course it is much more noticeable on B. Many students commented on the look. Yes... we wore them on purpose... we actually didn't go as each other's date... instead my date was one of the inclusion specialists and B's date was the other inclusion specialist. We even made our dates corsages (my date loves sunflowers... check the picture out below)... notice B's beautiful boutonniere! It was fun and definitely a fun memory to tell Blue about!

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