Thursday, April 7, 2011

Art Camp

OK... so the first few blog entries have been dedicated to our news and trying to update you on the great happenings of the first few months. This entry is about B's Art Camp.

Over the spring break, B planned the greatest and bestest art camp for his high school art club students. It was so amazing for B to provide this opportunity for these students... not to mention he gave up his first week of break to get ready for camp and then to put it on.

SO... three days dedicated to making art and enjoying the company of budding artists. Yes... I was suckered into chaperoning and it was a ton of fun!

Day 1: The students spent the morning designing their own t-shirt designs to screen print onto their own shirts. Some were finished and were able to print their own designs on themselves. At lunchtime, B drove a 14 passenger mini-bus to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. YUM! I was looking forward to this all month! True to form, one of the owners made sure that we all got a hug and a kiss before we left! Then off to the Tucson Museum of Art to see some crazy glass blown art and screen printed art.

Day 2: Everyone was still in good spirits as they all continued to make their designs and print them on. There were glitches but definitely a learning process for the budding young artists. B drove the students to the University of Arizona (I got the opportunity to actually ride in the bus) and we let the students find their own places near UA to get lunch. After lunch we headed to the Sonoran Art Glass Academy and we all made our very own blown glass ornaments! That was fun and definitely an experience to remember.

Day 3: Still finishing up the screen printing (this took longer than expected but once again... a great learning process for the young artists). After lunch near UA we headed to the University of Arizona Art Museum and learned some interesting art history about a giant altar piece from Ciudad Rodrigo in Spain.  Bullet holes were even still visible! After UA Museum of Art it was off to the Museum of Contemporary Art where the students loved the bean bag room and reported that there were a lot of nude paintings! Instead of the students going home after the afternoon outings, they stayed until 10:30 at night. The plan was for them to stay until midnight to watch movies, eat pizza and hang out but luckily the young whipper snappers got tired and went home earlier! That meant Band I were able to return the bus and get home at a semi-decent time!

All in all... this was an amazing experience and B is already planning on the next art camp! The crazy thing is that at the next art camp we will probably have a little bambino tagging along! (It took us a full day to recover!!!!)

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