Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Since we have been going non-stop on house projects since returning from our road trip, we decided to put everything on hold to celebrate Benny's birthday. Not having much of a "plan" we decided to take the day minute by minute. This is what happened on the impromptu celebration...

We started the day having a nice breakfast with our good friend Mike (the food took a while so we got our drinks on the house!). After breakfast the three of us headed to Breakers water park in Tucson (it was set to be a high of 105 degrees that day). This was a new experience for all three of us. We hung out in the wave pool and then Mike and Ben took a spin on the water slides. Two water slides later they were ready to head back into the wave pool! We spent a couple of hours relaxing in the water, eating nachos and trying to stay under the shade as much as possible.

After Breakers, Ben and I visited Frost which is an authentic Italian gelato spot. MAN... this definitely hit the spot!

On our way home we saw this sign and thought... maybe we should check it out (after all, this is an impromptu day). We have seen this sign many a time since it's near our house, but we have never stopped. 

It's a good thing we stopped because we got a ton of local/fresh meat and are excited to try it out. Not to mention we learned a lot from one of the faculty members about meat. We also got the boys some beef liver slivers... they have been enjoying them!

Once we got home we were wiped out and just enjoyed being able to relax in the wonderful air conditioning! As dinner time approached we realized that we should probably make dinner plans so we decided to try a new restaurant that we heard great things about. Zinburger was definitely a fun experience and everything was outstanding. Ben got the Kobe burger which was suggested to be cooked medium rare to allow for the full flavors to shine through. The truffle fries were all the rave on; however, we loved the zucchini fries even more. For dessert we got the creme brulee milkshake. It was yummy but I started to taste something that didn't seem right. Alcohol! Yes... that's right... I could taste the alcohol based vanilla extract! Crazy! The server and management felt so bad that they immediately made me another milk shake and didn't charge us for the milk shakes! 

We were stuffed, content and full of memories. This was a much needed day of "rest" and of course celebration!

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