Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Week of Summer Break

Whew! The first week of summer break was a very productive one for us! Typically every summer starts with rearranging the living room furniture but this year... we decided to get down and dirty with cleaning out our filing system and getting rid of a ton of stuff in the garage. Not to mention selling stuff on craigslist. We didn't take any photos of cleaning out the garage but here are some great photos!

The photo above made us look like we are becoming hoarders! Notice the lovely futon couch in the back (that will go in our finished sun room... when it gets done). The big box on the right is our crib... we won't assemble it until we have room (once the sun room gets finished). The brown chair on the left is our new glider chair... so comfy.

This was definitely a task that had been waiting for us!

For some comic relief we created a baby bjorn out of Moon Doggie's harness... he looks thrilled!

Once we finished organizing our files, we started working on the garage. We did manage to have some fun during that first week... enjoying the company of friends. I also started searching for color inspiration for the nursery. This consisted of me going to the fabric store and checking out I think I have found the color palette that I have been looking for... now we just need to decide on what baby blanket to order! So many decisions! I'll fill you in later!

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