Friday, May 6, 2011

What is the Birth Center?

So I was talking to my younger sister Jen and I realized I hadn't shared more information about the Birth Center that we've been going to. So here's the scoop.

The Birth and Women's Center is the only freestanding birth center in Southern Arizona and the only place in our area that offers water births. Their focus is on natural childbirths. They just recently moved into a brand new building and even though I've been going to the old location for all my annual exams, the new building still has a comfortable feel to it.

The great thing that B and I really loved is that all four rooms are set up like actual bedrooms with a large tub in each room (no clinical environment). Each room has their own bathroom and there is even a kitchen for family members to use. They encourage you to bring as many snacks as you want when in labor! They also have a comfortable waiting room for anyone who wants to wait. So the actual set up of the birthing area was very appealing to us. Not to mention the certified nurse midwives...

There are a total of 8 CNM's. The goal is to meet each and everyone of them before going into labor. Any of them could be on call the day we go into labor so it is important to form a connection before the birth. They are all registered nurses with advanced education/training/certification specifically in maternity and women's health care. So far, we have really enjoyed working with the 4 CNM's that we've met so far. The Birth Center also has registered nurses that work closely with the CNM's.

The philosophy is great at the Birth Center and the thing that I've really enjoyed is that they take their time during the appointments. We have never felt rushed and have always felt as though we had enough time to ask our many questions.

They also offer this great centering class that we just started last night... I'll tell you more about that later.

In case you've been wondering... the Birth Center refers all high risk pregnancies to the hospital that is less than 3 minutes away. Right now, I am not a high risk pregnancy... my blood pressure has been under control for a couple of years now... so with everything working out we should be able to give birth at the Birth Center!


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