Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week 20 Picture

SO... we didn't have time to take pictures of the bump this past week (week 20)... BUT we have something way better!!!!! Technically taken at 19 weeks but thought you would all enjoy this picture even more!

That's right... we had an ultrasound and got to "meet our baby" for the first time. Our good friend, Chris, explained to us that this ultrasound is the best because we are going to meet our baby and really get to know what he/she looks like. It was the coolest ever... so much movement and our favorite... a kick of the leg straight out... B is convinced that our baby is going to be a dancer! There was even a moment when Blue was looking directly at us (instead of the typical profile) and it was so crazy!

So far... everything looks great! Approximately 8 ounces and I can't remember if the technician told us the length. Everything looks normal and development is on track (I can't remember all the details).

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