Sunday, May 8, 2011

She kicked!!!!!!

I felt her kick! That's right... SHE kicked and I was able to feel it!!!!!!

Our baby girl is moving like crazy! Yes... we are having a baby girl! We found out last week at our ultrasound appointment and up until that point I hadn't truly felt her kick. So it was amazing to see how much she was actually moving.

This past week I had felt some different feelings in my lower abdomen... hearing from my sister and other people that the kicks may feel like a flutter, bubble, a flop... I wasn't sure if I was feeling that or if it was just in my head.

Late last night (when B was working on the water pipes to get ready for the dishwasher), I rested my body on the couch and decided to put my hands on my tummy. At that point.... I not only felt the feeling inside of me but I felt a small push on my hand! WOW!!!!!!  NOW I know that she has been moving around a ton!

B came over and at that point, Blue decided to be still and not kick around! Oh well... hopefully soon she will kick when B is around.

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