Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We have a working dishwasher!!!!!!!!!!

This past weekend was dedicated to selling our extra bed and installing the dishwasher. After a long day of waiting around and finally selling the bed... B started up on the dishwasher project...

The first task he had was to actually replace part of the pipes with a T-joint so we could provide access to the dishwasher. After soldering the first time and a couple of trips to ACE hardware... B was able to turn the water back on and success! Well... with this first step. This step took probably about 4 hours or so (going to the bathroom was very interesting with no running water throughout the house). I even told the boys to ration out their water because we didn't know when we would be able to refill their water bowl. I could have sworn I saw Lorenzo slurping up water as soon as we turned the water back on! This was also the same night that I felt Blue kick!

The next day (Mother's Day), B made us a wonderful breakfast (using the white bread we needed to soak up water in the pipes... yummy french toast) and wanted to hook up the dishwasher hoses before we started our day. Well... about 5 hours later which included: a few more trips to ACE hardware, most of the pipes being completely replaced and a new drain... we plugged in the dishwasher and SUCCESS!!!!! Plus... no leaks whatsoever!!!!!!

We made sure to dirty up some more dishes so we could run a load that night! Whew! What a day! It's been wonderful having a place to put our dirty dishes instead of stacking them on the counter... now... on to making the counter top... that will be another weekend!

For now... we are happy with a working dishwasher. Check out the pics...

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