Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Week at Home

Our first full week at home with Athea was definitely different than being in the NICU. Whew! We were exhausted and so were the boys! In the first week, both boys would get up for middle of the night feedings and hang out with us. By the end of they week they were exhausted and slept through Athea's crying. We were still trying to get the sunroom finished as best as we could because my mom was moving in for about a week before she headed to Maryland. So we were rushing around trying to set it up while adjusting to having Athea home. BUT we got through it. We found our groove. Even though we had spent time in the NICU we were now on our own. No nurses to get us set up for feedings. No nurses to watch over her while we needed to eat or pump. It was all on us now! 

We were also dealing with applying for a birth certificate (big miscommunication with the hospital on this one) as well as a social security number. Thankfully my mom was able to watch Athea while Ben and I went to figure everything out. 

Here are some of our favorite pics of the week! Warning... there are quite a bit... since we are only taking Athea out for doctor's appointments... and we are taking turns to run errands (the highlight of our day... we were lucky if we got out every two days)... picture taking has kept us entertained!

Just hanging out... waiting to be changed.

Hanging out with Mama.

Reading with Daddy (this is his favorite book... thanks AC).

2nd bath at home... grandma was here to take pictures.

Even though this picture is blurry... it's one of our favorites!

Fresh after her bath... it looks like she has a secret to tell you.

Enjoying life.

First time she is in a moby... we read that preemies love to be in a sling/carrier. They love the movement and being close. It's a great look for daddy!

This bouncer has saved us... thanks Aunt Jen!

Amazing at how tiny she looks.

Loving the leg kicks (even in the womb she kicked out). She's also sleeping in her own crib.

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