Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Weight Gain!

Once again, I tackled the task of taking Athea to a doctor's appointment since Ben had to work. This appointment was with a specialist to see if Athea qualifies to get the RSV shots to protect her from getting Respiratory Syncytial Virus which is a common illness among children. For premature babies, RSV can lead to more serious illnesses. FYI.

Anyway, since Athea will need to be in a daycare during the RSV season and she is still small we thought we would check it out. She most likely won't be a candidate for insurance to cover the monthly injections since she only meets one criteria (needs two)... but on the bright side... she gained more weight! She is now 6 lb, 5 oz!

Here is she is after the appointment... she looks bigger in her car seat!

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