Monday, August 29, 2011

First Doctor's Appointment!!!!

Today we had our very first doctor's appointment with Dr. Foster. Getting out the door together as a family of three was a "first" for us but surprisingly it was pretty smooth (with a lot of planning ahead of time... making sure she was fed before we left).  It helps to have two adults to take care of a tiny being! 

Athea did great... all she did was sleep in her car seat and when it came to being weighed and measured she cried a little but she got through it. 

Results showed that she gained weight just within a couple of days of being out of the hospital and actually hit the 4 pound mark! She also grew two inches since birth!

Dr. Foster was quite impressed and so were we. The nurses in the NICU had warned us that if she didn't gain weight the first few days at home to not be alarmed and if she did gain weight that we shouldn't be celebrating too much since she might lose a little once she settled into the routine of being at home. We were just happy that she was slowly gaining weight... the NICU had us fortify my breast milk to give her 22 extra calories per feeding. It's amazing that 22 extra calories in our diets doesn't really do much but for Athea... WOW... what a difference it makes in her weight gain!

18 days old
4 lbs, 5 oz
18 inches long

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