Thursday, August 25, 2011

Athea Vivian is Home at Last!!!!!

Today started like any other day.... we dropped the boys off to get their hair cut and headed to the hospital to make it for the morning feeding. Our nurse, Lynn, made a comment about making sure we didn't forget our milk that was in the freezer and I asked her if she knew something we didn't. She wouldn't answer my question... all she would say was whenever we were discharged... she didn't specify a day but it made me wonder if we were headed home soon. While we were in a family room the nurse practitioner (Cheryl) told us that we were going home! Hallelujah! Athea was gaining weight consistently and they thought that she was ready to make it out in the real world. The next couple of hours went by... the staff advised us to go get something to eat before we took her home. So we had our last meal in the hospital. The lady at the cafe even paid for the rest of our food (nursing moms from the NICU received meal vouchers so she really paid for Ben's meal) as a congratulations. It's amazing at how you become so familiar with people that you don't even know when you see them everyday and they know your situation. 

Thursday, August 25, at 2 weeks old, Athea is coming home! We didn't think this day would come... Athea left the hospital at 3 lbs, 14 oz.

Athea's very first car ride and very first time being outside!

Athea is home!!!!! Check out some great photos of being at home the very first day!

It feels so good to just be able to hang out at home without incubators and machines!

Athea is wiped out!

The socks look like moon boots.... they didn't stay on for very long... that diaper is a newborn size... she's still on the small side!

Lorenzo and Moon Doggie were getting their hair cut when we brought Athea home (we figured they needed to be clean and didn't know she would come home the same day as their cut... good thing). They didn't realize that she was even here... until Ben lifted up Lorenzo to see her. Leading up to this day we had brought home something that smelled like her everyday so they could be familiar with her scent. 

Moon Doggie lost interest pretty quickly but Lorenzo was very intrigued. For the next couple of days we would hear him barking and would find him in this exact spot barking at her sleeping! Of course Athea didn't even budge (she can sleep through anything) but Lorenzo continued to show his opinion. 

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