Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 4 of Sun Room

Happy July! We actually got a little bit of rain for a short spell the other night... more rain may come next week... definitely feeling the humidity! 

Today started off with our electrician coming over before we even started working on the sun room. He is also another neighbor of ours (we are finding it's great to have such handy/skilled neighbors). Today he worked on updating our dryer outlet and moving it into a better spot. 

While the outlet was being worked on, Stephen and Ben came up with a plan of what was needing to be worked on today. Stephen had to leave early this morning so he left Ben with some "homework." 

Check out Ben's homework: he had to add extra beams to the roof so that we can add more insulation. Ben got to use a nail gun that he borrowed from our other neighbor (have I ever commented on what great neighbors we have?). He LOVED using it but from a story he heard from Stephen he is definitely respecting the massive tool. Although, now he is proposing that we may want to get a mini nail gun to help when we are adding our built in counters/shelves! We also planned out where we want to add the outlets. 

The boys went in to get a hair cut and later in the evening, Ben and I went on a date night! 

UPDATE: Our baby blanket arrived and it looks so awesome! We actually love it more in person than on the website and it definitely has a vintage/modern look to it! LOVE it! 

During the weekend, Ben will be working on some smaller projects to prep for next week. Stay tuned!

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