Sunday, July 10, 2011

I can't remember what day we are on with the sun room... end of the 2nd week...

Everyday we have hit a milestone... I just can't seem to remember exactly what we did every day and what the milestone was... here is a recap as best as I can remember:

The electrical wires have been installed
The windows are in!!!!!
The roof insulation is all up
Ben put up some gutters since monsoon season has officially begun
We got hail the other evening
Furring strips are almost completely put up on the roof (get ready for drywall/ceiling)
Plumber came back to fix a small leak in the pipes (good thing it was spotted before adding insulation)

I'm sure there are more things... just can't remember! Ben is a machine!

On the baby side... the boffice is getting cleaned out to get ready for baby. Actually started putting all the baby items we've received into the dresser! My sister sent me a large box FULL of baby stuff (mostly pink/girl items since she is having a boy). We got lucky... we are inheriting all of Cousin Alexa's baby items. It was fun opening it up and seeing the tiny items! Makes it a little more real. Here is a picture of me holding up one of the new toys we just got from Cousin Alexa (I really don't know what possessed me to hold it up to my face... it's the hormones!).

Baby Blue is still moving around like a crazy girl! I think I actually felt a flip of some sort the other day. So crazy! Not sure if I reported on this or not (it's the hormones)... I got my results back from my gestational diabetes screening. I am A-OK and my iron levels were great! I'm continuously gaining weight and I'm definitely feeling like a swollen pregnant woman! My blood pressure is still normal (for those of you worrying about it) and so far so good. Whenever I feel discomfort I just remind myself that it is only temporary and the outcome is such a blessing!

We are all surviving the ridiculous heat/humidity/thunderstorms in the evenings. We managed to go to the local pool to swim a few laps (we were exhausted just after a couple!). We went to a museum art opening and caught up with some good friends. We have just a few more days left until we both have to go back to work... the summer felt even shorter this year. Trying to make the most of it. 

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