Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our First Family Outing and Visit

Up until now, we have been very cautious about taking Athea out in public. She has been to doctor's appointments for herself and for mommy but that is about it. Every medical person that we have talked to has impressed upon us the importance of staying away from large crowds (stores, church, malls) and keeping Athea away from the opportunity to get sick. SO, Ben and I have been taking turns staying at home when errands need to be accomplished. She has yet to be at a grocery store or even to our work places to "show her off." We haven't had any visitors due to being cautious. Sometimes it feels like we are over doing the "cautious" thing but we are trying to avoid any hospital trips/stays! Our goal is to get her through this winter without being sick... that is quite a challenge!

Anyway, our good friends just opened up their very own fresh water fish store (Arizona Nature Aquatics) which just happens to be less than 5 minutes of a drive from our house. Their grand opening was today and we thought we would make it as soon as the store opened to avoid any crowns. That way, we could take Athea out, support our friends but avoid the crowds. Since we were already out (it takes a lot of planning to get out) we thought we would stop across the street for breakfast. We popped her car seat in the snap-n-go and kept a blanket over her the entire time. If it hadn't been for her crying, people wouldn't have known she existed! Our very first family outing was a success!

It was such a nice feeling to be out together!

Athea is hanging out with the ladies! Notice the nice large aquarium behind us. Marche owns the store with her husband.

When we arrived home, Athea took a nap and then we busted out the activity mat for the first time (Thanks Uncle Nick and Aunt Devan). Check out the 2nd picture of Moon Doggie checking it out.

Later that day, a friend of ours stopped by with the coolest gift ever! Check out the pictures! Apparently, she knew we were pregnant before we told people. She said she noticed my bump but didn't say anything! She's been collecting items ever since... Athea is already wearing an outfit from the clothesline! Notice that the clothes get bigger as you move up the line!

We had a wonderful day filled with many exciting memories... and we were all exhausted!

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