Monday, October 31, 2011

October Full of "Fun Firsts"

October has come and gone very quickly for us. We still don't have a finished kitchen but we are full of fun memories from October. 

Our first trip to the Farmer's Market (this was our first "outing" taking the boys as well... they have been to the FM many a time but now we have another member to tote along!)

October 16

Athea's first Trader Joe's experience (this was the first attempt at taking her to a store and really the first indoor experience with a crowd... we really needed groceries and Ben was working... couldn't really get much because her car seat took up the whole cart... but at least no one could touch her!)

October 17

Athea's first amateur mini photo shoot. After talking to Aunt Malia about taking baby pictures, I was inspired and did an impromptu "photo shoot." Love all of her faces!

October 19

Our first trip to Brian and Kelly's Pumpkin Patch (this is a great place to get pumpkins and trees... we met up with another family that was in our centering class and got some great pics)

 October 22

First time sitting in the bumbo (on a whim one night we decided to see if she could "sit" and she "sat" for a short time)... it's hysterical to see the many faces that she makes!

October 24

Athea's first time in a soft structured carrier (this was actually given to us by another neighbor who has two little girls... they actually were the very first to welcome us into the "hood" when we moved into our house over 3 years ago). Athea did ok with her legs dangling out for the first time. Up until this point she's been carried in the moby wrap with her legs inside.

October 26

Our first walk around the neighborhood (in true fashion, we chit chatted with our neighbors who spotted us walking... some of them met Athea for the first time... ironically the men neighbors had met Athea much earlier than the women since they were helping us on the house!)

October 26

Athea's first time joining us for dinner!

October 26

This is not our first story time with Athea but it is the first picture we have of it! I thought it was too precious to not show.

October 27

To end the month of October... our first HALLOWEEN! We all dressed up and even the boys were good sports about it all. It was Ben's idea to be a family of gnomes! I had fun putting the costumes together... felt is a wonderful invention! You can make anything out of felt.

October 31

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