Thursday, June 28, 2012

We are All Alive!!!!!

It's been way too long since I've been on this... but we are all alive and doing well!!!!!

I have been trying to find time here and there to create some collages of pictures that we've been taking... so I thought I should try to post some while Athea is actually sleeping!!!! Sleep has definitely been a challenge which means finding a few moments to ourselves is challenging as well...

Anyway, more to come later... we go back to work in two weeks so I am crossing my fingers that in this short time that we will develop a better sleeping pattern at night as well as take some naps during the day, update the blog and enjoy the rest of the summer!


5 months!!!!!
11 lbs, 8 oz (end of December)
22.5 inches long

Uncle Nick and Aunt Devan visited us during MLK weekend... we had a ton of fun hanging out with them and it was awesome to see Athea interact with them. Lots of cuddling and of course lots of pictures! We also ventured back to Old Tucson Studios! Thanks for visiting!

 Athea seems right at home with her Aunt and Uncle!

 Old Tucson Studios!!!!!

 Our last day with Aunt Devan and Uncle Nick.


6 months!!!!!!
12 lbs, 9 oz
23 1/5 inches long

Athea has been in daycare for a little over a month and so far she hasn't gotten sick!!!!

 I couldn't decide which "normal" pic I liked so there is an extra one!

 Some pictures at school (Athea's daycare is at Ben's HS and it is also one of my schools!). We all get to go to school together and see Athea during the day! It's the best set up ever. 

During Rodeo Weekend (the rodeo is pretty big down here and we all get two days off!), Uncle Zach and Aunt Liz came down to Tucson for a nice long weekend! We had a ton of fun hanging out, hiking, cooking and taking tons of pics!
We jumped right in and took them to Little Cafe Poca Cosa... one of our favorite places to go but they are only open for breakfast/lunch during the week... so we were excited to be able to take them. 

 Tucson Botanical Gardens

 Early morning hike at Catalina State Park. We took Athea on this hike before she was even born.

Story time with Uncle Zach and Aunt Liz

It was awesome to have Uncle Z and Aunt L visit us!!!!


7 months!!!!
12 lbs, 14 oz (taken at the end of Feb)
24 inches long

Athea is a pro at sitting on her own... she hasn't rolled from back to front yet but her sitting skills are awesome!

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