Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun Weekend

We had a fun weekend... it started Saturday morning taking another mini photo shoot! So much fun now that Athea is beginning to smile!!!!!

Saturday night we took Athea to her first "social" gathering... a baby shower for one of Ben's co-workers. His wife is due in February and we really wanted to make an effort to be there... I think also we wanted to be a part of a baby shower since we had to cancel our own after being in the hospital. We definitely had to plan it out and of course I dressed Athea in long sleeves and long pants with footies so that no one could touch her. She was attached to me in the moby the entire time so no one made a move to touch her! All in all it was a success... she slept the entire time. It was great to get out as a family but we also knew that this was a special outing that wouldn't happen again. 

Sunday morning we took the whole family out for a wonderful walk on the River Path... we love this walk since it has beautiful views and is easy for us all to walk on.

All in all... a very nice weekend!

Did you notice I am putting pictures up in collages???? It's my first attempt... makes adding pics a lot easier... thanks Aunt Malia for the tip!

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